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After January 2019 all bikes will ship with a quick setup guide. Flow Bikes are the most adjustable youth bikes available. The notes in the quick setup guide will get you started. This page will provide you in depth information on how to get the best performance out of your new bike. Current riders - we welcome your suggestions and feedback on how you setup your bike. Thanks for choosing a Flow. 



The majority of our bikes ship with an Answer AME or Protaper stem in 30mm length for short reach setups or 50mm length for long reach setups. These stems are featherlight compared to other options, with the 30mm version weighing just 100g. Your bike will arrive with the handlbars removed from the stem. You'll need a 4mm allen wrench to install the bars. Tighten each stem bolt to 53 in-lb / 6 Newton Metre (N-m)  with a torque wrench 

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